Creating your very own DIY wedding decorations is a great way to personalize your wedding and you will save yourself some money in the process. Decorations play a very important role in any type of wedding. Just keep in mind that creating your own wedding decorations may not be easy and can take up quite a bit of your time. You should never be afraid to ask for help from your bridesmaids. If they live locally, they will be more than happy to help you out. Below you are going to learn about wedding decorations and how to create some of your very own.

Manzanita Branch

Here is a great centerpiece idea that will add a little spice to your wedding. Below you will find a list of things that you are going to need.
• Vase (You can choose any vase you want, but you will want to make sure that it is solid, so that it will hide the floral foam that is going to be placed inside)
• Floral Foam
• Knife
• Manzanita Branches
• Water
• 2 Hydrangeas (2 per centerpiece)
• Scissors
You want to begin this project by choosing a clean working area. Once you have a good working area picked out, you are ready to place the floral foam inside the vase. The idea is that you want the floral foam to be braced up against the walls of the container. You will do this by cutting the floral foam to the same size of the opening and pushing it down inside the vase.

After you have the floral foam inside your container, you are ready to pour water into the vase. Keep in mind that the foam will soak up water, so you may have to fill the container several times. Once you have the correct amount of water inside the vase, it is time to insert your Manzanita branch. You want to insert the branch in the center of the foam.

You now want to insert your Hydrangeas you will do this by placing one on the right side of the Manzanita branch and one on the left side of the branch. Keep in mind that you want the leaves of the Hydrangeas to rest on the wall of the container, so you may have to trim the stems of the Hydrangeas with your scissors.
You have now created your very own wedding decoration. Keep in mind that you can hang items like crystals from the branches, if you want. There are many different things that you can do with this little project and all you need is a little creativity.

Heart Shaped Vase

This is a fun little decoration that you can create all on your own. This heart shaped vase will add more of a romantic feel to your wedding. Below you will find a list of things that you are going to need.
• Heart shaped vase
• Glass paint (You can use any color you want, but red works really well, since the vase is heart shaped)
• Old newspaper
You want to start this project by placing your old newspaper over a working table. Once you have the work area covered with newspaper, it is time to start. Place the vase on the newspaper and pour your paint inside the vase. The idea is that you want the entire inside of the vase to be covered in paint. Once you have the paint poured inside, you will want to shake the vase to make sure the walls of the vase get covered. You may find that you have to add additional paint, if any areas do not get covered.
You will not let the paint dry and you are done. You can insert flowers inside the vase, if you want.

Decorating a Wedding Arch

Wedding arches have been a favorite decoration at many weddings. You can find a cheap arch that is already made in any home improvement store. You will probably have to look in the garden area. Make sure that you choose a style and size that fits your needs. It would not be great, if you found out that you couldn’t walk through your arch on your wedding day. Keep in mind that some wedding venues can supply you with arch. Of course, this is going to be a cost a rental fee, but you might find it cheaper in the long run.
You will find that the traditional wedding arch is decorated with flowers, organza, or tulle. Tulle is usually a cheaper material, but many people consider organza to be much classier. You can really choose either one you want, because the choice is yours. If you want to decorate your arch in the traditional style, then you should start at the center of the arch. Drape the tulle or organza starting at the center of the arch and work your way down the sides. Be sure that you pin the material to each rung of the arch and it is always a great idea to leave extra tulle or organza at each rung. This way you will be able to create a much more willowy effect.
You can even design a bouquet and place it at the top center of the arch. You can use real of artificial flowers, as well. Once again the decision is yours. If you are going to be hosting your wedding, where the weather is hot, then you might want to consider using artificial flowers. You could even place three bouquets on the arch, if you want. Place one bouquet in the center and two on each side. There are several different ways that you can throw in your own creative ideas.

Natural Arch

If you do not want to use the tulle then here is another approach that you can take. You can cover the arch in twigs that vary in size and length. You can secure these twigs to arch by using wire. You should be able to find these twigs at any flower shop. If you want to take this approach then it might be a good idea to use ferns and ivy and the base of the arch and incorporate flowers throughout the arch. Keep in mind that working with fresh flowers might be a little more difficult if you are not familiar with them. You always have the option of using artificial flowers.

Handmade Tassels

Tassels make a great wedding decoration and there are lots of different things that you can do with them. For instance, you can hang them from the ceiling, back of chairs, or you can even place them on balloons. Here is a list of things that you are going to need to create your own wedding tassels.
• Fringe cutter
• Scissors
• Tissue paper
You want to begin this project by folding your tissue paper in half, but long ways. You now want to fold it in half again in the opposite direction. You now want to unfold the paper one time and cut on the creased line. So basically you are cutting the tissue paper in half. Once the paper is cut, you want to place the two pieces on top of each other.
You are now ready to insert the tissue paper into your fringe cutter. You want to make sure that you place the folded edges at the top of the fringe cutter. You now simply press down on the blade and pull it towards you. After you have made this cut you will move the paper over and make another cut in the same manner. You will keep doing this until the tissue paper is completely shredded.
Now unfold the paper and you will notice that you have fringes on each side of the paper. You now want to roll the paper up. Once the paper is completely rolled up, you will twist in the middle to create a rope like look. So when you are done you will have something that looks like the pigtail hairstyle.