Many brides will put a tremendously amount of work into purchasing their wedding dress. Although this is entirely acceptable, it is also vital to make sure that you explore wedding veils! Remember that the veil is a vital aspect of many weddings, especially those that follow a very classic theme. Of course, it is possible to wear a veil regardless of your theme. So, what do you need to know about this item? Below, you will be able to learn everything there is to know about wedding veils.

What are they?

Almost everyone has seen a wedding veil at some point or another. This item is typically worn in the hair and hangs down over the face. Of course, these items are entirely diverse and can be found in an assortment of different types. With this in mind, it is possible to find veils that don’t hang down in your face. More information about the different types of veils can be found below.

Different Types of Wedding Veils

As mentioned above, there are several different types of veils and you will need to get them to know them all, in order to choose the right one for your wedding. They’re all entirely unique and beautiful, but there will be one specific style that matches your desires the best.

Birdcage Veils – The birdcage veil is very popular and continues to grow in popularity, as we speak. There are several different types of birdcage veils including:

• French Netting
• Russian Netting
• English Merry Widow

The Russian veil is a tad bid stiffer than the other brands and it also has very large diamonds. Many veils are adorned with special accessories such as flowers, feathers, ribbons, and pearls. Of course, they also vary in size and color, as well.

Shoulder Length – Although these veils are much less common, they’re still very stylish and beautiful. They’re very fashionable and will definitely show off your beautiful face. The flyaway veil is an excellent option in this category and will be very fun and playful! This is an awesome option for a modern wedding.

Chapel Length – If you’re looking for something entirely elaborate and extravagant, you will want to check out the chapel length veils. These hang all the way to the ground. Although they may have a slight drape, they usually do not have a train. If you’re going to be planning a formal wedding, this is an excellently option that will help you to feel like a beautiful princess.

Cathedral Veils – If you’re looking for the biggest and grandest veil imaginable, you’ll want to check out cathedral length veils! These are big and beautiful! You might need someone behind you to help carry the fabric! There is no doubt that this type of veil will help to bring you a ton of attention.

Fingertip-Length Veil – The fingertip-length veil is likely the most popular design, because it is so lavish and reaches down to the tips of the fingers. The veil will float around the female’s body just like a cape, so it adds elegance to the bride’s overall appearance.

Many brides choose to wear a fingertip veil that is equipped with find beads, sequins, and rich embroidery, because it complements their style.

Ballet-Length Veil – The ballet-length veil is definitely an extraordinary style that reaches down past the knees or ankles. These veils are very overwhelming for petite brides, because they risk tripping over them, especially, when wearing a long wedding gown, as well.

You must be careful about wearing the ballet veil, because you do not want it to overtake the wedding gown. Shorter veils are more popular, because they complement the gown, instead of becoming the focal point like a ballet-length veil.


Overall, there are many different wedding veils to choose from. It is essential to explore them all, in order to find the one that works the best for your style and wedding dress. By doing this, you will look a tad bit more beautiful, when wearing your wedding veil.