Summer is by far the best season of the year to have a wedding, even better you will have a limitless array of décor to select from. Of course, one of your biggest projects will be selecting and developing the best summer wedding centerpieces that can be enveloped into your theme. Remember that it is vital to take the time to incorporate the elements of summer directly into your wedding! By doing this, you will be able to create something beautiful, reflective and entirely memorable. Below you will discover a list of ideas to select from. Be sure to take the information into account and mold it to your specific needs and desires!

White Fruity Camellia Centerpieces

A summer wedding would truly not be a summer wedding, without lemons and camellias. These two items will definitely transform any ordinary atmosphere into a glamorous, sunny breath of fresh air. These centerpieces are very affordable, but you will need to do all the assembly work yourself. Start by collecting your supplies including large mason jars, lemons, water, and camellias.

Go ahead and cut the lemons in ¼” thick slices and then fill your mason jars ½ ways full of water. Place the lemons into the jar, but make sure that you lay the slices up against the glass, so the entire slice can be seen perfectly.

Now before you place a bundle of camellias into the jar, you will need to check to see if you need to add a bit more water. Do not worry, if you overfill, because you can always pour a bit out later. Grab a bundle of the camellias and stick them into the lemon water. It will look better, if the flowers are of different sizes, because it will make the centerpieces look more natural.

Place these on all of the reception tables for everyone to enjoy.

Mini Rose Floral Wreath

The mini rose is a tiny flower, but holds a large symbolism of love, romance, and elegance. This flower is available innumerable colors, so you will surely find something that will match your color palette perfectly. You will need several items, before you actually get started assembling the wreath.

• Mini Roses
• Wooden vine ring
• Green floral wire

If you are lucky enough to find the mini roses at a nursery, you will definitely save a lot of money on this wonderful centerpiece project. You can purchase the wooden vine rings from a local hobby or party supply shop for an affordable price, along with the green floral wire.

Place the floral wire through the flower stem and attach it to the vine, you will need to continue the sequence, until the full front and side areas are completely covered. Be sure to fill the wreath full of flowers, so that it looks full and plush.

You can lay your summer wedding centerpieces on a banquet table or hang them on the venue door. Another great idea is to sit a small, antique bench in the front of the reception hall and lay the wreath in the seat. Just use your imagination and you will discover new ideas on how to display your elegant mini rose wreath.

A Flip Flop Centerpiece

If you’re looking to kill two birds with a single stone, there is one excellent way to do it! You’ll just want to make sure to incorporate your favors into your summer wedding centerpieces. There is no better way to do this than to rely on some summer related favors, such as sandals or flip flops! Almost everyone is willing to get comfortable and wear these types of shoes. In fact, they’re tremendously common, during the summer.

On the plus side, these shoes can be purchased for a fairly cheap price! It is even possible to get a much cheaper deal, if you’re willing to purchase them in bulk. In the same sense, it is entirely reasonable to design something very cool and attractive with these shoes! Although it is possible to toss them all into a container and go with it, you shouldn’t Instead, you will want to decorate it a little with an assortment of different items.

For starters, you can easily buy some very cool buckets and slip the sandals over the side. By using flip flops of all different colors, this will create a very stylish centerpiece that will also be very practical. Your guests will ultimately appreciate your effort and will likely slip into the shoes, before the reception.

The Sunglasses Centerpiece

In the same sense, you will want to consider using another practical item for your centerpiece. One of the best items to use is the sunglasses. During this specific time of the year, it is highly probable that the majority of your guests will be wearing sunglasses. Some of them might need a pair! Well, you should certainly work to solve the problem for them. Again, you do not have to purchase overly expensive sunglasses. Instead, it is entirely possible to get cheaper sunglasses and purchasing in bulk can help you save even more.

With this particular type of centerpiece, you’re going to need to be really clever, in order to pull it off. On the other hand, you can also purchase a nice container or box. As long as your guests are able to access the items fairly easily and are forced to take notice of your centerpiece, you will have succeeded!

Sunflower Sphere Hanging Centerpiece

The sunflower sphere hanging centerpiece is a great summer project that can be completed in a matter of minutes. You can utilize an array of different sized green floral foam spheres, so you can replicate this décor throughout your entire venue.

You can purchase a bunch of sunflowers from your local farmer’s market or nursery for an expensive price tag. Now you are ready to get started assembling. Start by cutting the stems of the sunflowers down to 3”, this will give you enough stem to stick into the foam. Since the sunflower is so large, you will not need as many of them to fill the entire foam, even if it is extremely large.

Stick the sunflowers into the foam, but make sure that you do not overlap them. Pull the petals outwards and set the disk florets side by side, so the petals will continue to stick outwards, after the sphere is complete.

You can hang the centerpiece from a venue beam, by using clear plastic wire, so they look like they are suspended in air. Another great idea is to place the small spheres on a stick and add them to your floral arrangements, this will surly make the entire venue look more uniformed.

If your event is going to be held outdoors, you can hang the sunflower spheres from a tree or create a homemade clothesline to hold them, but make sure that they suspend down above the reception tables.

An Edible Centerpiece

Some couples are interested in putting together a centerpiece that can actually be useful afterwards. There is no better way to do this than by creating a beautiful and edible centerpiece that will be sure to leave your guests salivating. So, what do you need to get started? Honestly, you do not need a whole lot! First, you’ll want to collect a nice big, clear container. Your display will be much more attractive, if you select a clear vase, but anything big enough will work.

Next, you’ll want to find your edibles! Carrots and branches from green cherry tomatoes will work well for this display. After this, you’ll want to choose a base for your centerpiece. It is possible to use a nice big platter or a beautiful mirror. Either option will create a unique appearance, so you will need to experiment a little to find the one that is right for you. After everything has been collected, you can begin working to put it together, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

Bottles and Stems

If you’re looking for something entirely small and simple, you’ll want to get ahold of some beautiful bottles and some stems. This type of centerpiece isn’t bold, but it is cute and adorable. Once you’ve gotten all of the items you need, you can fill the bottles with water and insert the stems. Be sure to leave the blooms on the end of the stem and your centerpiece will shine beautifully throughout the venue.

After venturing to a massive number of weddings, I have developed a strong liking for summer wedding centerpieces and summer weddings in general. The summer time might be a little hot, but it is tremendously bright and beautiful. It is a wonderful time to get married and you’ll definitely want to capitalize on the centerpiece ideas above.